Every student has the desire of getting goods marks in Board Exams but few can achieve good marks but all this depends upon the hard work you do. In today’s, world hard work with smart work can change the whole scenario.
Now without wasting the time let’s get started How to get good marks in board exams.

Tip 1: Plan a Day

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The most important point is planning a day, before going to sleep make a schedule for tomorrow’s work and it goes trouble-free day and also it will increase your productivity throughout the day. planning is the foremost activity that must be done in a precise manner always remember that you first complete the complicated task first it will easier your whole day when you have done your complicated task. It is stated in the best-selling book EAT THE FROG.

Tip 2: Positive throughout the day

Positive meaning is the belief in yourself, do not listen to what others are saying about you it’s their opinion about you it’s doesn’t matter after getting good marks these are the ones who look forward to you ask about how you get good marks.

Tip 3: Know your curriculum

For starting anything you first know about the syllabus of the exam for what you are preparing and also one more you should have resources from which you study like notes, books, syllabus.  

Tip 4: Revision

the crux of all things is one thing that is the revision it is the step that must be followed throughout every chapter. the best way of revision is to prepare notes of each chapter by yourself because when you read a chapter and make a note of each chapter you go through them wholly it is stored in your memory for a long time.

there is the fact about the human mind is that it has an escaping tendency of things which it cannot store content for a long time so for avoiding this problem better solution of this problem is to revise things as much as can there is a time slot in your plan a daily schedule for revision of notes whatever you learn.

Tip 5: Mind Mapping

It is a technique that is used to learn topics more easily with the help of a visual map of ideas. In this method organize, visualize and summarise the topics I suggested you make your mind map by yourself don’t copy other person’s mind maps because it is their point of view.

Tip 6: Secret Weapon

For scoring good marks in class 12 and class 10 the major role is played by NCERT questions, you must do the previous year’s questions also. CBSE has limited criteria about their paper and one more thing is that if you do previous year’s paper you get an idea about the what type of questions cbse asked all those questions in the previous year has some importance it is more than enough for you to score good marks in exams.


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