Now you made the decision of deleting an Instagram account permanently here are some steps to delete an Instagram account. so first thing is that this option/setting is not available in Instagram directly so for deleting an Instagram account you just need to follow these steps. So without wasting a time let’s get started on how to delete your Instagram account.

1.  Backup

The first thing first takes a backup of your Instagram account because your data is the crucial thing you have there you created a lot of memories if you delete your Instagram account your entire information is deleted.

step 1: For taking a backup you just need to open an Instagram app.

step 2: Click on profile photo bottom down on the corner

step 3: Click on the menu icon on the corner right

step 4: open settings

step 5: click on the security option

step 6: there is a section on Data and History >>> click on Download Data

Then you just need to give an email address where your all backup will be sent by Instagram in 48 hours.
Now you take Backup? Good  let’s move to another part

2.  Deleting Instagram account

Here are some steps you just need to do to delete your Instagram account.
step 1:  open setting in Instagram account

step 2:  Click on the help option in setting

step 3:  click on once again help center option, then you will be redirected towards the browser

step 4: then there you select the managing your account

step5: there you select the delete your account

step 6: select the option How do I delete my account?

step7: there you get the section of permanent deletion of account and click on the DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT.

Alternate Option

If these steps don’t work I also provide you a link to directly deleting of Instagram account CLICK HERE


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